Registered with Texas Board of Professional Engineers #F8577

We are a consulting engineering company of licensed professional engineers providing services that include, but are not limited to (a) the reduction of your current energy costs of electricity, gas, water, compressed air, steam, and (b) the increased efficiencies through the use of advanced methods and technologies.   

What we know for sure

In managing energy cost and usage effectively, measurement is step #1. And that is where we come in. 

Our Goal

We are committed to making companies more productive and profitable by delivering sound energy solutions that reduce operating cost through the management of energy consumption and price paid per unit of energy delivered. Simply put, “Eliminating wasted energy increases operational efficiency.” 

Our client base

Manufactures & Fabricators, Oil & Gas production, Commercial / Industrial, to include; Hotels, Apartments, Rest-Homes, Hospitals, Food Processors, Printers, Plastic Extrusion, Chemical Processing, Distilling, Brewing, Irrigation, Truck Manufacturing, Steel Mills, Electric Cooperatives… to name but a few. IEA carries a two million dollar Hartford General & Professional liability insurance in case of an unforeseen incident.