Charles E. (Chuck) Hornick, Sr. - CEO / Business Development

Mr. Hornick is an executive management professional with 30 years in the utility market. He has held positions as a divisional manager in marketing, field representative for the Ethyl Corporation national product research and development. His work includes management systems design, corporate ethics, engineering education and professional development. 

Mr. Hornick served as a district field representative in distributive generation & energy diversification of the National Rural Electric Cooperatives in the southwest U.S. His focus is on delivering effective engineering solutions that reduce energy cost, improve operational efficiency, and increase revenue. 

He has keynoted two International World Conferences of Value Engineers, The National Conference of Certified Managers, T.C.U., Texas Tech University, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, The Society of American Military Engineers, Lockheed Aerospace, N.A.S.A., The Texas Society of Professional Engineers, and the Texas Electric Cooperative Engineering Association. And his work on "Building High Commitment Engineering Teams" has been published internationally by the Sano Management Institute, Tokyo, Japan. 

Mr. Hornick is a graduate of Texas Christian University and a U.S. Army veteran.

Jim Phillips, P.E., CEM, CEA - Executive Vice President / Engineering

Jim Phillips has 27 years engineering experience in the energy business which include gas and electrical design and technical energy marketing and auditing experience with Lone Star Gas (LSG) and TXU and 10 years of private energy analysis and appraisal experience. Jim is a past president of the North Texas Gas Measurement Association, the North Texas Association of Facilities Engineering, and the North Texas Association of Energy Engineers. He has been chairman of several energy conferences, a speaker at numerous national and international energy conferences and has served on the advisory boards of Texas A&M University's Industrial Energy Technology Conference and the Symposium on Building Energy Efficiency in Hot and Humid Climates. 

He has received awards for his outstanding work in the energy arena: 

  • 1988 Association of Energy Engineers: Regional Energy Professional
  • 1991 Association of Energy Engineers: Regional Energy Engineer
  • 2003 Association of Energy Engineers: Regional Energy Professional Development

Mr. Phillips is a graduate of Texas A&M University and Dallas Theological Seminary, a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, a Certified Green Building Engineer, a Certified Energy Manager, a Certified Energy Auditor, and a Certified Demand-Side Manager.

Joe McClendon - Attorney

Joe McClendon has over 30 years of experience as an attorney in the energy field. Joe holds an engineering degree from SMU and a law degree from the Univ. of Texas School of Law. Mr. McClendon is a member of the Texas Bar Association. He has negotiated and drafted gas sales and transportation contracts with industrial users. He has worked with state and city agencies on regulatory issues. Joe has also negotiated deregulated competitive electric sales contracts.